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Reviews of Johns Pass Activities


This post is the starting point for tourist reviews of eco-activities in Johns Pass and the Tampa bay area.
If you have taken a tour or experienced an activity you would like to post a review on for posterity or the next tourist in line. leave a comment for this post. These reviews will be cut and pasted into the Reviews page for Johns Pass dot Org. We take very seriously our mission of promoting the eco tourism in this area and appreciate your thoughts (on what you liked and what you did not). We specifically ask that owners of businesses NOT use this for advertising (since these are reviewed then reposted, I suspect we might not post a commercial plug – If we were to find that such a thing had occurred we would probably highlight and publicize that misbehavior) – Thank you for your understanding –
Finally, an example …

We just visited Bush Gardens and, although it was one of the more expensive amusement parks in Florida, we got more than our moneys worth. The animals were great, the rides were fantastic. On the other hand the food was seldom healthy (Fast food at best).
Floyd Roberts

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