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Cheer on the Devil Rays!


Manta Style Ray 8-21-2013-FrontView

Manta Style Ray 8-21-2013 FrontView

From Johns Pass to the midpoint of Treasure Island we saw 6 or 7 groups of 5 to 15 Individual Rays. While seeing groups of Rays patroling the beach is something we get to see once or twice a year, this is the first time in memory (decade?) that the species noted is the Devil Ray, umm Mobulus um…. For Help and Reference From the Folks at Southern Fried Science “Manta Rays Aren’t a thing any more” See more about the Manta / Devil Ray / Mobula discussion. We thought these were GREAT and we were happy to see what we surmise may be groups of young.
Send us feedback on Mobula vs Manta (Not much to go on but we love the attention)

Manta Style Ray 8-21-2013- In-Motion

Manta Style Ray 8-21-2013- In-Motion

In a “faith in my fellow humans” notation. People were interested, respectful and neither in panic, nor trying to catch, the rays as they came up to the beach.. All in all a great nature experience!
Manta Style Ray 8-21-2013-Group of them

Manta Style Ray 8-21-2013-Group of them

Generally the rays would head out to deeper water swim against the tide perhaps 50 yards then come all the way in towards the beach, hit the sand, then swim / fly along the beach in the shallows for a while. Then repeat as appropriate.

Hopefully not prophetic, but the Tampa Bay Devil Rays had their name changed to Rays and went with a wimpy sun ray style image. We like them anyway!

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